• Restorative Dental Options

    Do you have broken, missing, or worn out teeth? Bethesda Dental Group can give you a reason to smile again. Our menu of restorative dental treatments include:

    Dental Bridges Made Affordable by Dentist in Bethesda MD

    Bridges are a traditional way to replace missing teeth anywhere in your mouth!

    Discounted Dental Crowns Dentist Bethesda

    Protect your tooth from breaking down from cavities or trauma. We offer affordable dental crowns in porcelain and gold.

    Low Cost Fillings by Bethesda Dentist

    Small, fillings are a great way to protect the future of your smile.

    Dental Implants in Bethesda MD

    Nothing beats replacing your teeth for life with dental implants. Replace all of your teeth or just one with a dental implant crown, bridge or denture.

    Denture Options In Bethesda MD

    Dentures are the most affordable way to replace all of your teeth at one time. Explore our denture selections to choose one that is right for you.

    Get a customized treatment plan that fits your budget and your lifestyle. 0% interest financing is available. Call Value Smiles today to schedule a new patient exam or same day treatment.

  • Extractions

    Tooth extractions in Bethesda MD :

    A tooth may need to be extracted because of extensive decay, poor positioning, fracture or advanced gum disease. In most cases extraction is simple which does not involve sectioning of tooth or trimming away bone. However when root is curved, we perform surgical extraction whereby the dentist sections and removes the tooth in pieces. It is very crucial to replace the missing tooth as it might impact the chewing ability, cause jaw joint problems, shifting of teeth and affect overall dental health. Therefore before extraction, dentist will review the replacement options depending on the case.

  • Dental Bridges in Bethesda MD

    Discount Dental Bridges

    Bridges have long been used to replace missing teeth. They are a reliable and affordable way to enjoy a complete smile without having to wear a removable partial denture. By choosing to have a bridge made, you can prevent other teeth from moving out of place and changing the way your smile looks.

  • What is a Bridge?

    A bridge is a prosthesis that is anchored onto healthy teeth, one on each side of the missing tooth. The false crown is suspended between the two functional crowns. In most cases, bridges only replace one or two teeth at a time. They can also be supported by dental implants to replace up to 3 or 4 teeth at once!

    Your bridge will be made of porcelain, so that it blends in with your smile. But don’t worry, we will work with your insurance company to maximize your benefits as well as offers payment plans to make your bridge as affordable as possible.

  • Dental Implants Bethesda

    The dental implant is uncovered during the second phase of treatment and a post is Dental implants offer permanent tooth replacement. Unfortunately, they have traditionally been an expensive treatment that not many people could pay for. Thankfully that is beginning to change, and now at Bethesda Dental Group on Washington Avenue dentist Bethesda, we can deliver comprehensive dental implant treatments that you can afford. added. This serves as an extension and together with the dental implant serves as the foundation for your new tooth. Once the gum tissue around the post has had a chance to heal, Dr. Shawn and Dr. Zebe will place a dental crown on top. Since it is fixed to a post, your new tooth is extremely secure and will function just like any other tooth.

  • Implant Restoration Options

    You can replace as many teeth as necessary with dental implants. Implants can stand alone to replace single missing teeth, or support larger restorations like dental bridges and All-on-4 dentures. Each one is permanently anchored into the mouth, for security and confidence of our patients’ smiles.

    To find out if you’re a candidate for dental implants we will need to perform a thorough exam as well as a few necessary x-rays. This helps us determine if there is enough healthy bone for the implants to be supported properly. The entire process usually only takes two to three appointments to complete, but it gives you new teeth for life.

    Find out if dental implants in Bethesda MD are an option for you – call us today at 301-951-9500

  • Discounted Dental Crowns in Bethesda MD

    Most of our Bethesda Dentist dental crown treatments take two visits to complete. Your first appointment involves prepping the tooth and taking an impression to design your permanent crown. A temporary crown is bonded into place for about two weeks. Then you return for your second visit where the permanent crown is permanently cemented over the tooth. Our crowns are usually made of porcelain or gold.

    Dental crowns are one of the last lines of defense for preserving badly damaged teeth.

  • Dental Fillings

    We keep our fillings affordable by performing minimally invasive methods that treat cavities sooner, rather than later. Our ability to work with most dental insurance plans means you can maximize your coverage benefits and pay less out of pocket.

    Putting your filling off could mean you spend more on dental treatment later on. Why? Because the cavity will continue to grow or even spread to other teeth. In the end, you may need to have a root canal or crown instead of just a filling. By treating cavities early, we can help you reduce the overall cost of your lifetime dental treatment.

  • Dentures in Bethesda MD

    Dentures are an excellent way to afford replacing all of your teeth at one time. If you’re looking for affordable dentures, then Bethesda Dental Group is who you need to call at 301-951-9500.

  • Full Mouth Dentures

    A full mouth denture is one of the cheapest ways to replace all of your missing teeth. Each custom denture is designed to your mouth in a comfortable way that provides an excellent fit.

  • Partial Dentures

    Still have natural teeth that do not need to be extracted? Bethesda Dentist performs partial dentures can replace only your missing teeth, while snapping in around your healthy ones